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Framura Nature

Noto The dense Mediterranean vegetation near the sea

http://kvalitnistavebnimaterialy.cz/28-cat/dating_29.html Framura flora is characterized by typical Mediterranean vegetation: you find here the cluster-pine (Pinus Pinaster) as well as several varieties of brooms (Genista Pilosa, Cytisus Scoparius…), myrtle, strawberry trees, holm oaks, asparagus, roses, and Mediterranean Fleabane. In the area overlooking Framura cliffs you find also Aleppo Pines (Pinus Alepensis) as well as several holm oaks.
Nearby waterways (also small, like the ones located in the territory of Framura) you can find easily elders (Sambucus Nigra), edge ferns (Polystichum setiferum), European wood sanicles (Sanicula Europaea) and bulbous buttercups (Ranunculos Bulbosus). Along the path to Bonassola it is easy to find also the bushes of Santolina Ligustica, with its characteristic yellow flowers, and thyme (Thymus Vulgaris).
Framura hinterland is characterized by Chestnut tree woods (Castanea Sativa): these woods should be larger in the past, experts say, because in the past times chestnut tree was overworked very much.
Worth seeing are also the cork trees located in locality “Vigo”, which following the expert they have outstanding dimensions.

Bozyazı About fauna, it is impossible not to mention the sea: the marine area in front of Framura offers to fishermen a big variety of typical fishes of Ligurian Sea, like anchovies, squids, cuttlefishes, hakes, seabreams and whitebait.
The sea floor is rocky and rich in inlets, so you can find the deal habitat for mussels, very appreciated by gourmets.
Inhabitants and also several tourists used to fish in the water of this wonderful area of Riviera.
Talking about territorial fauna, Framura woods are populated by foxes, wild boars, badgers, hedgehogs and other animals.

rovensko pod troskami rande naslepo Nature in Framura is made also by minerals like jaspers and basalts: jaspers are red-purple (due to iron oxides infiltrations) stratified rocks. The old population of Liguri largely used this material in order to produce small objects like blades, arrow points and scrapers to tan animal hides.
Basalts are dark green volcanic magmatic-effusive rocks with typical shapes, whose most common one is “pillow”, present on the trail from Framura to Bonassola.

Monte Serro

Monte Serro (421 m. above sea level), situated between Framura and Deiva Marina, belongs to the protected area of Cinque Terre. On the rocks overlooking the sea, in particular in Punta Apicchi, where a botanical garden is located, there are some Aleppo pines, trees that can live with little soil in high-slope sides. Maquis, cluster-pines, holm-oaks, chestnut-trees and other broad leaves cover the northern hillsides. Walking along the path Deiva-Framura and taking the fork to Case Vigo (see section “Footpaths”) you can admire several examples of cork trees, whose thick bark has a great isolating power, that can protect the tree even from fire.
Walking along the northern hillsides of Monte Serro you can see that small seasonal waterways carved valleys with lush vegetation, mainly composed by alders, elders and ferns.
The whole area of Monte Serro is relatively small (about 360 hectares), so it can be visited in one day, and it is very interesting for the great number of animal and vegetable species.

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