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Mountain Bike Framura

Bra Path between Framura and Bonassola

Tsukumiura The whole territory of Framura is easy to explore by Mountain Bike, although it is better to have a certain experience for the particular characteristics of some trails, where you can find very steep and slopes. For the ones wanting to explore these trails with their bikes we assure unforgettable views and unspoiled landscapes.

From Framura to Bonassola in Mountain Bike

Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Leaving from Setta go along an easy slope along the paved road leading to the railway station of Framura. After Anzo continue to go down. After a bend on the right leave the road and turn to Via Duina. Border the harbour area: from here you climb a small slope until the end of the road, from where the trail begins. Take the trail on the left, following the blue mark trail. In the first part the incline of the road is quite hard, and you meet also some steps, but after that the road begins to be less uphill: along the road you will meet a lot of parts falling sheer to the sea, so be careful and proceed slowly.
Continue along a short slope down leading to a small bridge, from where a steep road uphill begins (not for cycling for about 400 metres) leading again to the paved road. The road leads to the hamlet of Salice: few metres before the hill take the trail (marked by the mark trail) on the right.
After another small bridge the road continues with very steep slopes downhill until you reach the fork with a cement road. Turn left uphill to reach the Foce di Carpeneggio. Here you have several possibilities: the shortest is taking the road proceeding straight downhill towards Bonassola, that you reach nearby Via Roma, from where you can reach the town centre in few minutes.
The trail has an overall gradient of about 220 metres uphill. Half of the trail is developed on paved roads and only the 10% of it is not for cycling.

“Framura RING” in Mountain Bike

Gotenba Leave from the road west from the hamlet Costa in Framura, taking the forestall road leading to Foce del Prato (GPS N 44° 12.753’ E 009° 32.747’), where you find a Agriturismo-farm. The first part presents a couple of hard slopes.
After the Agriturismo proceed downhill until a small col: from here take the road on the right, then you reach a cleared of trees area and a house: before the house turn left in an unpaved road going downhill through bends, then proceed on the hillside trail. After that go up until a crossroad: from here you can decide to continue for 300 metres until a spot with panoramic view or continue downhill along the road and crossing the paved road again.
Turning left reach the Agriturismo Foce del Prato (GPS N 44° 12.753’ E 009° 32.747’): turning right you will be on the previous trail until you reach the houses of the hamlet Costa. The trail has an overall gradient of about 140 metres uphill and it is almost 100% for cycling. The difficulty is not high, except the first part in which you meet the above-mentioned steep slopes.

From Deiva Marina to Costa di Framura in Mountain Bike

Leave from the centre of Deiva Marina and goes uphill towards Bracco pass bordering the river. You can decide to follow the provincial road or border the river along the runners path parallel to the carriageway. Continue going up, until you reach the church (Km 5), then turn right to Framura. At the second bend (Km 5,6) leave the provincial road and take the smaller paved road on the right.
After you pass by the houses of Càdelazino (Km 6,7), turn right after 300 metres. After one crossroad turn left and then left again to the next crossroad. After a hump reach the last house (Km 7,6), where the street ends. Proceed along the mule track leading to the river and, once you cross three brooks you can begin to go up until you reach a forestall road (Km 9,1). Then turn right. The last part is a staircase until you reach the houses of Costa (Km 9,5).

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