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Framura on Foot

From Deiva Marina

Taroudant (about 2 hours)

registraduria de bello citas por internet From the centre of Deiva Marina cross the bridge on the river Valdeiva nearby the sea, go to the left and after a pink block of flats go to the right. After a short slope turn right and after that you can see on the left, behind a campsite the beginning of the path to Framura (GPS N 44° 12.889’ E 009° 31.226’).
The first part is uphill, then it becomes flat; you meet the locality “Case Serro”, a quiet area with a wonderful view. Continuing straight you reach Costa (1 hour walk) and then the highest part of Framura, and if you turn right you reach the lower part, nearby the sea, where also the railway station is located.
At the height of 315 metres above sea level (GPS N 44° 12.932’ E 009° 31.785’) there is the carriageable road finishing at the height of 254 metres above sea level (GPS N 44° 12.768’ E 009° 31.745’). If you continue on the right you meet the old road leading to the botanical garden, while continuing straight you arrive to a pick nick area with tables and chairs (238 metres above sea level GPS N 44°12.635’ E 009°32.220’).
Continue along the panoramic track, under the pine-trees shadow (GPS N 44° 12.688’ E 009°32.518’ height 271mt). Continue along the asphalt road (height 187 metres; GPS N 44°12.532’ E 009°32.472’) about 100 metres above the hamlet of Setta, then you arrive to the main street, your arrival point (GPS N 44° 12.628’ E 009°33.251’, height 181 metres above sea level).

From Bonassola

da certo namorar homem mais novo (about 2,5 hours)

http://lesjoursheureux.anglet.fr/?tumnenravichsja=site-de-rencontre-gratuit-42000&b00=d1 From Bonassola cemetery turn right and go along the carriageable road until a cement slope on the left, after 150 metres. After reaching Carpeneggio saddle, go down westwards, along a wide path.
After about 70 metres turn right on the path indicating “Framura”. Walk on a flat area for about 200 metres then the road begins to goes uphill, but it is really pleasant to walk among holm-oaks, pine-trees and vineyards. After you reach an area where you can see abandoned houses take the road to the sea which, after some small bends, turns westwards; then you reach the torrent Rio Valle delle Lame.
You walk a little uphill, then the trail arrives to the cement road of Framura. From here, following the signs, you cross the hamlet of Anzo and, through a long staircase, you will reach the small hamlet of Ravecca; walking still for about 200 metres you will reach Setta, which houses Framura town hall.

GPS Coordinates

(from Bonassola)

GPS N 44°12.067’ E 009°33.401’ (Height 30 metres above sea level)
The main road continues to Anzo, Setta and Costa white on the right there is an asphalt road to Case Rosse, Bonassola (2 hours 10 min), Vandarecca. Very steep road with an excellent view.

GPS N 44°11.815’ E 009°33.737’ (Height 72 metres above sea level)
The carriageway finishes and the uphill trail to Bonassola begins. The path goes up rapidly with a succession of short slopes and staircases. After an almost flat stretch you reach a very nice spot.

GPS N 44°11.740’ E 009°33.929’ (Height 55 metres above sea level)
A flat rock overlooking the sea, the ideal sport for pictures but it is dangerous to lean out. The path continues downhill protected by a railing until you arrive to a small bridge. After that the roads begins to goes uphill. There are a pair of forks that can confuse, it is always better to continue walking uphill. Then the path becomes less steep until you reach the hamlet of Salice.

GPS N 44°11.646’ E 009°34.282’
In the hamlet of Salice a small asphalt road leads to Montaretto. You will meet a fork indicating on the right Bonassola and Carpeneggio. The path continues flat between the fields, skirts the mountain and reaches the unpaved carriageway leading to Carpeneggio.

GPS N 44°11.219’ E 009°34.434’ (Height 128 metres above sea level)
Bonassola is visible below. A path on the right leads to Salto della Lepre, a very interesting spot. Following the carriageway you arrive near the railway line. A staircase on the right leads rapidly to the town.

GPS N 44°11.072 E 009°34.918’
The path ends near Pensione Moderna, in front of the railway station.

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